Now that the door is opened…


This also happens to be another flaw of mine.  I enjoy my own company more than I do entertaining a bunch of fake people, pretending to care, or pretending to understand.  I began this bog with opening up my soul for all the world to see.  For “normal” people to get a glimpse inside the mind of utter craziness.  However, we have to go at MY pace.  Because that’s just how it is.  Welcome to being an introvert.  I don’t believe I was born an introvert.  I believe spending years as a lab rat for doctors and pharmaceutical companies made me this way.  I’m not necessarily paranoid, but you combine an introvert with social phobia and what do you get?  Um… me.  So, like me or hate me.  I’m so sick and tired of being called crazy because people are just dumb.  Educate yourselves.  Get a clue.  Maybe if kids weren’t so cruel when I was growing up, I’d have thicker skin and a stronger sense of who I actually am.  And just to clear up any confusion, not one of these diagnoses defines me.  I am, as I said in my first post, an individual.  A unique individual.  Society doesn’t like that.  Society can kiss my non-conforming ass. 

Okay… that’s all I got for now.



The world as I know it can be unkind, therefore ALL comments have to be moderated. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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