The door to my soul is officially opened…

I have spent years being called every name in the book.  For many of those years, I actually believed I was all of these horrible things (crazy, mad, lunatic, freak, etc,) until not so long ago.  I met a new doctor who helped me determine that I am NONE of these things.  I’m an individual (society isn’t comfortable with individuality) and I am unique, as I can promise you, you’ll never meet anyone like me.  I don’t possess any super powers, although I was born with a gift.  Occasionally I receive messages from people who have passed.  I’ve learned that this is not something I can get rid of.  I’ve tried to ignore it, and it worked for a long time.  However, after all these years, it’s still right here.  It just stays dormant until I decide to embrace it.  So, I went out on a limb and passed along a few messages and if they weren’t all 100% accurate, I’d have to say maybe I am a little crazy.  I have also been the brunt of several cruel jokes about mental illness.  The sole purpose of this blog is to shed some light on mental illness and educate people.  I’m not shy.  I’m not shy at all.  In fact, I’m a bit of a social butterfly…with social phobia.  Awesome.  Good one Universe.  Good one.  I have panic attacks everyday, depression when it feels like stopping by and hanging around for a while, PTSD, major anxiety, Bi-polar disorder, agoraphobia and the curse of being extremely naïve.  Yup… I wear my heart on my sleeve and welcome everyone, until they cross me.  In today’s day and age, it really should be the other way around, but what can I say?  Maybe it’s my desperation for company.  Maybe it’s because I’d like to think that there are still some good people in the world.  I’m old enough to know better but young enough to care.  Please… know that I’m determined to remain “single” until the day comes where I can acknowledge I fully know myself.  Unless or until that day, I can’t be bothered trying to figure someone else out, or solve their problems.  I apologize if that comes off as rude, but I have yet to  meet a single person  to date who doesn’t have ulterior motives.  So, if you are at all interested in learning about mental illness, buckle your seatbelts.  I can promise you it’s going to be one hell of a ride!



The world as I know it can be unkind, therefore ALL comments have to be moderated. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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