A new day…

I am not naïve enough to think that just because today was flawless, means tomorrow will mirror this moment.  If you haven’t already realized, I am one mentally fucked individual.  But that’s okay.  The thing that was driving me to the brink of crazy was trying to be “normal.”  I’m not normal.  I’m the exact opposite of normal, and I’ve accepted it, making me feel far more relaxed than I have in quite a long time.  And if you want my opinion, I think that’s what a lot of the problem is these days.  We’ve disregarded the fact that we’re all individuals.  Instead of embracing our individuality, we try so hard to fit in.  Somewhere… anywhere!!  We don’t want to be separate from the crowd.  Our comfort zone is belonging.  Well, I don’t belong anywhere, and that’s A, OK with me.  I’m an individual trying to just make it through another day in the life…  As are the rest of us.


The world as I know it can be unkind, therefore ALL comments have to be moderated. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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