Drumroll please…?

Yea… I don’t think the mood stabilizer is working.  My mood is out of control, to the point I almost got up and just left the house at midnight, because the tv was on and I couldn’t find the remote to turn it off.  I can’t sleep with the tv on and wait patiently for it to go off, but last night it seems the timer was set for 2 freaking hours when all my boyfriend needs is 10 minutes!  Come on… I take meds to make me go to sleep, and him keeping the tv on all damn night isn’t helping the situation any.

So, I went to the store and bought about 10 new books.  Then I found one I had ordered on Kindle.  So, my books are good. That’s how I’m spending my days… lost in someone else’s world.  That’s how much mine sucks.


The world as I know it can be unkind, therefore ALL comments have to be moderated. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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