Crazy Notion? Maybe…

I have decided that the images in my head are far too beautiful (and sometimes not so much) to keep locked away in there.  I want to learn how to sketch and draw, and then paint!  I have this creation in my mind but there’s a huge cement wall preventing what’s in my mind to transpire on paper.  What I end up with is nothing but an embarrassment.  So, if any of you are painters, sketch artists, draw for a living, please help me.  I can draw a stick figure and even that sucks.  I don’t want to get caught up creating pictures via some computer color by number program.  I have a sketch pad in my lap, pencils with erasers, and I’m ready to go.  I just don’t know how to get started.  I would love to capture the image in my mind right now, get it all on paper and then paint it.  That would be my new hobby!  So, if any of you have any experience at all and can help me along this new journey, any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Plus, I learned a few years ago, that art therapy really works!  Now… if only I could master the art of art…

Thanks in advance,



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